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Visit Wallowa, Oregon

Here is a community that enjoys Wallowa just as it is! Wallowa is much like you would have found it back in the days of a thriving timber industry, but today it is supported by agriculture and small industry.

Wallowa is proud of its multi-cultural history in the county. The Wallowa Band Nez Perce Trail Interpretive Center is located in this town, along with the famed July TamKaLiks Celebration. This annual pow wow shares in intense worship, dance, drumming, and feasting.

Outdoor recreation is as wild and scenic as the rivers in the lower Wallowa Valley including the Minam Area; where the Wallowa and Minam rivers join together and flow down to the rugged Grande Ronde Country. This area is a Mecca for fly fishing, river rafting, wildlife, and outdoor exploration!

Fly Fishing the Minam River
Rafting the Minam and Wallowa Rivers
TamKaLiks Celebration July 17-19th

Another unique and historic gem found just outside of Wallowa is the multi-cultural site of the Maxville logging town. There may be only remnants of a ghost town today, but what a legendary story from the past.

Many of the images on this page were provided by Grant Richie, Minam Raft Rental & Shuttle Service. Click here for more guides & outfitters!